July, 2022

Submissions for WHPC Lightning Talks are open!

The submissions for lightning talks for the WHPC Workshop at SC'22 are now open! Early career/student women can submit a short presentation about their work. Interested? Visit the WHPC page to learn more!

April, 2022

Invitation to be Women in HPC SC'22 Workshop Submissions Chair

I had the pleasure to be invited to be the Submissions Chair for the Women in HPC SC'22 Workshop! Women and allies are invited to discuss and present their work at this important D&I workshop on SC at Dallas!

March, 2022

Master Dissertation Defense

I am a master's in computer science! On March 25th, I defended my master's work entitled "Performance Improvements Applied in an Electromagnetic Inversion Application Focused on Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Computational Environments". The jury give me an A grade for it, and I officially became a master of science! :)

March, 2022

Accepted to Ph.D at California!!

I've been accepted to do my Ph.D. in Computer Science at the Unversity of California Santa Cruz! I will be advised by two incredible professors - Dr. Scott Beamer and Dr. Tyler Sorensen - to work with graph-related problems on HPC! I also was awarded a Dean's fellowship that will cover the fees of the program. I will start the program this fall (September 2022)

March, 2022

Texas WHPC Lightning Talk

I had the pleasure to talk a bit about my master's research at the TXWHPC Workshop, which happened in conjunction with the Rice Energy HPC Conference.

January, 2022

Hot Interconnects Web Chair

I had the pleasure to be invited to be the Web Chair for Hot Interconnects Conference 2022! I was initially hired by the committee to develop their new website for the 2022 edition of the conference, but they extended my work to be also Web Chair this year! I am really happy to be part of this conference committee!

November, 2021

Best Lightning Talk on Students@SC 21!

My lightning talk entitled "Improving Scalability of a Data Inversion Application to Help on Oil and Gas Exploration" -- a short presentation about the first part of my master's research -- was chosen as one o the five best lightning talks from Students@SC 21!

October, 2021

Women in HPC on CARLA Conference

This October the WHPC Brazil Affiliate Regiao Sul also was invited to talk about our initiative in the Latin America High Performance Computing Conference (CARLA 2021), at the Latin American Women on HPC workshop. It was an outstanding opportunity to talk about our work and purposes to all Latin American audiences. Information about the workshop can be found at

October, 2021

Women in HPC Special Session on WSCAD 2021

We had the pleasure to be invited to give a talk and bring the discussion about women in HPC community in the WSCAD/SBAC Conference, the biggest conference about high-performance computing in Brazil! We will have a slot of 1h30min, and we will discuss some challenges that women have to face during their careers and how it persist from different generations. More information can be found at!

July, 2021

Talking about WHPC on SEMAC - Inf-UFRGS

We will give another talk about the Women in HPC community in the academic week of the Institute of Informatics, at UFRGS. We will go live next Thursday, July 22th, at (video in Portuguese)

May, 2021

Presentation at PDSEC

We've presented our paper at PDSEC'21! I produced an extended version of the presentation that is available at this YouTube link.

April, 2021

Talking about WHPC on ERAD-RS

We have presented our WHPC Affiliate to the HPC community of the south of Brazil! It was an amazing experience because we had so much support from everyone who participated, and our panel was one of the highlights of the event! There's a video on YouTube with our talk (in Portuguese)

March, 2021

SCALE Application Acceptance

I have been accepted to the SCALE Program for SC'21!

March, 2021

Paper Accepted!

Our paper entitled 'Improving Workload Balance of a Marine CSEM Inversion Application' was accepted to publish in PDSEC'21 workshop, that will happen in conjunction with the IPDPS'21 conference!

December, 2020

Our WHPC affiliate proposal was accepted!

Our Women in HPC application for an affiliate in the south region of Brazil was accepted! This is the first official representation of WHPC Global in South America!